Developmental Delays -

Developmental Delays

Developmental Delays -

Our Developmental screening includes a series of evaluations, observations, and tests to determine if there is a delay in the child’s development. Our experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner is also credentialed as a Developmental Disabilities Nurse.  The assessment process used will examine areas such as language, fine and gross motor skills, social skills and cognitive abilities, to determine if the child’s milestones are appropriate for the current developmental stage of life.  

Why is screening important?  

Early intervention significantly improves a child’s outcomes and helps them reach their full potential. Finding answers to areas of concern about your child’s development is the first step in finding interventions to help them as they grow and reach their full potential. 

 What does the screening process involve?  

When you bring your child to our clinic for screening, we will take a comprehensive approach to evaluate their developmental level and assess for any delays. The process typically includes steps listed below. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s development or would like to schedule a developmental screening, please contact our clinic. Together, we can make a positive difference in your child’s life.  

What To Expect -

What To Expect

  • What To Expect -
    Parent Interview

    We will discuss your child’s medical and developmental history, any developmental screenings and assessments previously performed, current developmental milestones, and overall concerns that you have. We will assess your child’s skills in various areas – including motor skills, language and cognitive abilities.  

  • What To Expect -

    Initially, we use screening tools to assess current developmental level and any risk for autism. If screeners are abnormal, diagnostic screening tools and standardized testing for autism, preschool readiness and intellectual abilities can be scheduled at a later time.  

    Parents & Family Roles in Assessment:  

    A parent’s primary role is to simply observe, although during the assessment our PNP may ask the parent to interact with the child in a specific way. During the final visit with us, the results of the assessment are reviewed with family in addition to spending time with our clinician to review the results of the evaluation and address any questions.  

    Families are provided with a written report with detailed recommendations. Appropriate recommendations will be made at this time such as continuing developmental follow up with a Primary Care Provider, Developmental Pediatrician, Psychologist, or Neurologist. 

  • What To Expect -

    We will work one on one with you to guide you through the next steps in getting your child any help that they may need to support their development. If we determine any areas of concern, we can provide resources including therapy and other sub-specialists that may be needed.  

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